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    Jutsu point system PLEASE READ

    Doppleganger Sheblowski
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    Jutsu point system PLEASE READ Empty Jutsu point system PLEASE READ

    Post  Doppleganger Sheblowski on Tue Jul 17, 2012 8:41 am

    50+ points- Genin level. 4 D rank jutsu. Total Chakra: 80
    110+ Points- Chuunin Level. 1 D rank and 3 C rank jutsu Total Chakra: 120
    200+ points- S. Jonin. 1C rank Jutsu and 4 B rank Jutsu Total Chakra: 175
    500+ Points- Jonin Level. Sharingan/ Byakugan/Blaze release/Boil Release/Any KKG can be unlocked. 1 B rank jutsu, 4 A rank jutsu Total chakra: 220
    700+ points- Sage. 2S rank jutsu. MS/EMS/RINNEGAN CAN BE UNLOCKED Total Chakra: 350

    Yes people!!! Your character can have a total of 20 jutsus, KKG abilities excluded.

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