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    Katon Uzumaki

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    Post  crack baby on Wed Jul 18, 2012 3:03 pm

    Name: Katon Uzumaki
    Clan: Uzumaki
    Affiliation:Leaf village
    Chakra Affinity: darkness
    Rank: sannin
    1: flying thunder god(0)

    2: .rasengen(30)

    3: .his own version of 64 palm (death palm)(2)

    4:.nightmare(soulcaliber5)sword play(well he basicly fights like nightmare from soulcaliber wielding a emencly big sword)(0)

    5.darkness world infinaty(no light will enter the eyes nor sound the ears of opponent till battle end in the end of the jutsu Katons chakura is totally gone that is why Mita follows him)(keckigenkijutsu")

    Chakra level: 600

    personality:Katon is the villages hero,but cares for no one except the girl that follows him named Mita.Heis only stopped by Mita's imbrace ,he he fights with on regaurd for his oppent and has failed many bring back alive missions,naruto is his idol and he hope that when naruto passes he will pass 9tails to him.

    goal:his goal is to restore peace and became the oni(a warrior in japanise culture that is undieing)hokage

    hows this
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    Approved glad your on my side lol

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