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    Post  AWSUM SID on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:45 am

    yuubi: ROARRRRRRR
    Naruto: Looks like I have to surpass my own limits this time.
    Kyuubi: No problem Naruto, lets go for it.
    *Naruto creates some clones and runs towards Tobi. Bee, Kakashi and Guy decide to stall the Jyuubi.

    *Back at HQ*
    Ao: Shukaku, we have a problem. The ten tails!!! It has been revived!
    Shukaku: What? How? Were Naruto and Bee absorbed?
    Ao: No, Tobi used the chakra of the Kin-Jin brothers.
    Shukaku: This is bad. Notify everyone immediately.
    Inoichi: Already on it.

    *Iniochi gets down to business*

    Iniochi: Raikage Sama, Tsuchikage Sama, Mizukage Sama, Tsunade Sama, Kazekage Sama, Mifune Sama, Darui, Kitsuchi and every ninja in the alliance. The Tentails has been revived!!

    Darui: ... ??!!!
    Kitsuchi: !!
    Oonoki:.... ( speechless but with a concerned look)
    Tsunade: What? Even with Naruto, Bee, Kakashi and Guy? Have we Failed?
    Mizukage: Its all over??
    Raikage: ......
    Anonymous Ninja 1: Why?? Why?? Even after so much sacrifice, there was nothing we could do!
    Anonymous Ninja 2: This is it, we are fighting for a lost cause now?
    Anonymous Ninja 3: There's no way for us anymore. Madara himself was enough to almost wipe out the 5 Kage! Now the Jyuubi??
    * Others start to mentally fall apart*

    Kazekage: NO!! ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST. Naruto and Bee are still fighting. Ninja every where are still fighting. Even the Samurai have decided to take part in this war. Many have died. Their death will not be in vain. AS ONE OF THE FIVE KAGE I WILL SEE TO IT THAT THE ENEMY HAS BEEN DEFEATED!!
    Tsunade: Its a tough job. How do you expect...
    Raikage: HOKAGE!!The kid is right. As the five Kage we are supposed to be the strongest in the village. We are responsible for their lives. As the leader of the Allied Shinobi force, I the Raikage command each and every one of you to fight. Fight till your body breaks. If anyone decides to back off now, after the war is over I will personally see them punished. We will defeat the Jyuubi
    Madara: !!( So, the Jyuubi has been revived. Damn that ***tard)

    *Suddenly the ninja from the alliance feel rejuvinated again. They resume their battles and try to take out the enemy quickly. Only one goal is in hteir mind- AID NARUTO AND BEE IN FIGHTING THE JYUUBI*

    Madara: I am finished playing with you Kage. I have to go somewhere now.
    Raikage: Where do you think you are going? The 5 Kage are not finished with you.
    Madara: ( He was about to say something but was cut off by the Raikage)
    Raikage: Kages of your village. Rise up! We are not weak. We are the Kage.
    Kazekage: Lets put everything in this last attack. Madara gets out of here over our dead bodies.
    Oonoki: I see. The new generation of ninja still has sum spunk left. Ok then. Lets do this.
    Mizukage: After all, we still have to help Naruto and the others defeat Tobi.

    On the battle field,
    Mifune: So, Naruto and Bee-dono need help. My team is ready to go for aid.
    Lee: We have to finish off here to help Naruto
    Shikamaru: Hold on Naruto, we are coming.
    Neji: (You said you will change the Hyuuga for me, I wont let you die Naruto)
    Sakura: Dont worry Naruto I am already on my way.
    Hinata: I'll help you again this time Naruto-Kun.

    The scene reverts back to Naruto,

    Naruto, Kakashi and Gai are seen to be sent flying. They hit a nearby hill.
    Bee: Naruto, Copy Ninja, wierd green beast are you okay??
    Guy: Of course we are.
    Naruto: Hmm
    Kakashi: I'll live.
    Hachibi: They have so much heart. We can't lose here Bee.
    Bee: So what are you guys waiting for? Lets defeat him already!!

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