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    Hyuuga Samuru: Bio


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    Hyuuga Samuru: Bio Empty Hyuuga Samuru: Bio

    Post  AWSUM SID on Wed Aug 01, 2012 1:18 am

    NAME:Hyuuga Samuru (Nick name: White Phantom)
    CLAN: Hyuuga Clan
    RANK: Sage ( Chakra 350)
    Fire Style
    Water Style
    Earth Style
    Wind Style
    Lightning Style

    Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan( Unlocked)

    VILLAGE: Hidden Leaf

    [Only admins are allowed to see this image]


    Samuru has white hair and skin and wears a white collared coat. He is always seen walking around with a smile. Around girls he becomes flirtatious although he strikes out most of the time
    Samuru is an avid fan of plays performed at the theater.When he is not in the theater, he is usually found at the local sweet shops indicating that he has a sweet tooth. Even while teaching students, Samuru is seen to eat Anpan( a type of Japanese sweet).


    Hyuuga Samuru, Son of Hyuuga Kotetsu, was referred to as the genius of the village.
    Because of his white complexion the nickname " White Phantom" was given to him by fellow ninjas.
    Growing up, Samuru had to face many hardships. His father was a Chuunin and died during the third great ninja war. His mother died giving birth to him. Hyuuga Samuru doesn't seem to have the traditional Hyuuga eyes. As a result, some members within the clan still reject him even when he has such a high reputation.
    At the age of 4, the clan elders rejected him as a Hyuuha. Till the age of 11, he had nowhere to stay and mainly lived in the streets. One day he was being beaten by some drunk thugs, thankfully the academy teacher was passing by and managed to save him. He was admitted to the ninja academy and displayed natural talents when it came to ninjutsu. He was later brought back into the clan because of his fame but the tensions between certain members still exist.
    His ultimate dream is to be the leader of the village.


    Shadow clone technique- A shadow clone is created. This jutsu allows the user to avoid any one attack in the next five rounds. However this jutsu alone takes up one turn. Chakra- 6 Damage points- 0

    Leaf Gale- The attack is a simple rear spinning low kick. Chakra- 3 points Damage points- 3

    Paper Shuriken- Shuriken made of paper. points Chakra- 10 Damage points- 15

    Leaf Great Whirlwind: This technique is a series of kicking attacks, starting from a low kick and linking into a middle kick and high kick then finishing off with a heel drop. Damage- 11 Chakra cost- 8

    OPEN: Gate of Limit- located in the abdomen. Increases the user's speed and power. User of this Jutsu will inflict twice the specified damage and will experience half the specified damage from an opponent's attack for the next four rounds. However this jutsu alone takes up 1 turn. Damage- 0 Chakra cost- 15

    Asa Kujaku- a certain-kill taijutsu. Damage- 50 Chakra cost- 40

    Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique- This is a genjutsu that reveals the fears that dwell inside people's hearts. When this attack is used, the opponent cannot use any jutsu in the next round. Chakra- 12 Damage points- 1

    Bringer of Darkness Technique- This technique exerts an hallucinatory effect upon the eyesight, effectively blinding the opponent. When this technique is used, the opponent will not be able to use any taijutsu jutsu for the next 5 turns. Ninjutsu will have one-fourth of the specified damage for 3 turns. However this jutsu alone takes up 1 turn. Damage- 0 Chakra cost- 15

    Wind Style:Decapitating Airwaves- Create supersonic blasts of air. These blasts are powerful enough to destroy stone.
    Chakra- 10 Damage points- 12

    Wind Style: Rasenshuriken- Rasengan combined with wind natured chakra. Damage- 75 Chakra cost- 50

    Wind Release: Pressure Damage- A tornado-like mass is compressed until it has a very high density and is then released. The wind pressure is raised to its highest limit, and once the technique hits the target, the resulting blast sweeps everyone off their feet. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 20

    Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique- A technique where chakra kneaded inside the body is converted into fire, and expelled from the mouth either as a massive orb of roaring flame or as a continuous flame-thrower. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 20

    Fire Release: Great Dragon Fire Technique- a large amount of chakra built up inside their body and changes it into a dragon head-shaped fireball. The user then skilfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks their opponent. Damage- 18 Chakra cost- 15

    Fire Release: Ash Pile Burning- The user spews a stream of chakra infused gun-powder from their mouth, which surrounds the region. It is then ignited.5 Damage- 15 Chakra cost- 15

    Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm- This technique causes the ground surrounding the enemy to spiral inwards on itself, burying them alive or crushing them. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 18

    Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique- This is a technique which creates a huge waterfall and washes away the enemy. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 18

    Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique- This technique shapes a large amount of water into a giant, powerful dragon, which hits the opponent with formidable might, dealing physical damage. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 25

    Chidori- This technique channels a large amount of lightning chakra to the user's hand and increases the piercing effect. Damage- 25 Chakra cost- 25

    Rasengan- A powerful Jutsu developed by the Fourth Hokage and derived from the tailed beast bomb. Damage- 25 Chakra cost- 15

    Lightning Release Armour- The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra that, along with being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate the user's nervous system. The user will not recieve any injury for 10 rounds and will inflict 3x damage for 10 rounds. However, this jutsu alone takes up one turn. Damage- 0 Chakra cost- 200

    Gentle Fist- Hyuuga style of taijutsu. It affects the chakra system. Damage- 8 Chakra cost- 5

    Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms- With the Byakugan's near 360° field of vision, the user envisions an Eight Trigrams circle. Then the enemy within this circle is hit with a series of violent blows. Damage- 20 Chakra cost- 15

    Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms- A variation of the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms. Damage- 40 Chakra cost- 30

    Eight Trigrams Mountain Crusher- The user hits the target at close range with a powerful wave of chakra. The attack sends them flying back into a rock or wall, causing severe damage. Damage- 25 Chakra cost- 20

    Wins: N/A
    Lost: N/A

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    Hyuuga Samuru: Bio Empty Re: Hyuuga Samuru: Bio

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    uhhh can we say APPROVED!
    Awesome bio man i could see this character in an actual anime man nice job.

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